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Amir Aziz

Amir Aziz, an Oakland-based Photojournalist and Documentary Filmmaker, who leads visual journalism at Oaklandside, and is a 2022 local fellow with CatchLight. His editorial work has appeared in The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and other publications. He runs a small production company called ONUS Media, creating documentaries and collaborating with local organizations.

Daniel Ikejimba

A first-generation Nigerian-American from Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Texas and a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Hawaii Pacific University. They blend Choice Theory, Positive Psychology, and CBT for a holistic approach to healing and have researched learning and memory development in children, across-cultures and on the impact of hate on social relationships.

Sasha Kelley

Sasha Kelley is an Oakland based multidisciplinary artist using photography, place making, and social practice to explore the topics of collective archives, divine archetypes, collaboration with black/brown/queer communities. This year, Sasha has participated in Black Space Residency, produced a solo show at Swim Gallery and released Keek Magazine

Queens D. Light

Queens D. Light is an emerging Oakland rap artist and filmmaker who has shared the stage with artists like Kelis, screened her short films at Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive and continues her work as a co-founder of the women of color-focused creative agency, The House of Malico. Using rich production, raw lyrics and powerful visuals, Queens offers up a cosmic force of community and creativity with each new track she drops.

Yvonne Mahelona

Yvonne Mahelona is a caregiver, birthworker, grief worker, community organizer, and healer based in Pawa‘a or McCully O’ahu. She offers a variety of healing practices and candles to the community under her company called ‘Hanaumea’, which she created in response to the call for learning, teaching, and accessing sovereignty in birthing and grieving. Yvonne draws inspiration from her kupuna (ancestors) and the community that holds and supports her.

Marisol de la Muerte

Marisol de La Muerte (she/they), is a queer bruja, by way of LA, who has drawn from their indigenous roots & ancestral spirits in providing over 200+ readings for their clients. They now reside in San Antonio, assisting creatives transform their lives through their Creative Block Readings, Candle Spells, and other offerings.

Emily McLean

Emily McLean is an Oakland based musician, songwriter, producer. She studied Jazz at The New School University in New York City. Currently working with multiple forms of expression and media, she is looking to natural spaces to enhance and enliven her work.

LO 張

LO aka Lala Openi (they/them) is a 5th-generation San Franciscan transdisciplinary designer, artist, and human bridge who creates interactive digital and physical spaces that activate practices of self-awareness and compassion, while normalizing the experiences of fellow queer, third culture, and neurodivergent people. Their most recent work includes revitalizing the living spaces at the House of Good Qi & creating the Me Time mindful makerspace.

Want to host your clients at Me Time?

Best for local healing arts practitioners on their solopreneur journey who want a ‘home base’ to meet with their clients, outside of their own home — or, for photographers looking for a unique backdrop for their next photoshoot. 

Me Time is also great for traveling creative entrepreneurs who need a space that doubles as a place to work and receive clients.

Offer clients a cozy, vibey space to host your private, in-person sessions; whether it be for tarot readings, reiki, massage, therapy, hair styling, tattoo ceremony — the possibilities are abundant.

Let’s talk and see if Me Time will make a good partner for your growing business!