2021, Yvonne Mahelona

10.3 mil (0.26 mm) Enhanced Matte Paper, 12”x16”


About the Piece

Kanaka maoli (Native Hawaiian) view of richness and wealth was measured by the overall health of it’s people and land. Bigger bodied people were seen as well taken care of as opposed to the lens of shame and ridicule we’re viewed as under capitalist patriarchy. And in the same energy, ʻĀina mōmona, was a way to  describe land with an abundance of food and water to nourish the people. Women and birthing people could be described as ʻĀina mōmona to illustrate the ways that they are both fed and feed/ care for others.


This photo was take by Yvonne Mahelona at Pāwaʻa (McCully) Honolulu, in the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. The Hōʻāʻaʻ Rituals Candles  pictured stand at 4in x 2in x 2in, and are made form Hawaiian Beeswax (from ʻUmauma, Hawai’i Island. The bees created the wax from ʻōhiʻa lehua flowers (mestrosideros polymorpha).


Fat; fertile, rich, as soil; fruitful; soft, of wood. Hoʻomomona: to fatten, fertilize. Dedicated to big bodied women, femmes and the people who don’t other our bodies. These can be used for rituals that call in for abundance and setting the space to cultivate what’s on our hearts and minds. These candles are made as a tool to bring abundant and momona energy to your rituals and your love for self & others. 

You can purcase a MOMONA candle here!

Question from the maker:

Knowing that releasing helps us make room for new joys, love, ease etc, what are you prepared to let go of and burn to fertilize the seeds you want to plant?

Mentioned Makers

Yvonne Mahelona

Yvonne Mahelona is a caregiver, birthworker, grief worker, community organizer, and healer based in Pawa‘a or McCully O’ahu. She offers a variety of healing practices and candles to the community under her company called ‘Hanaumea’, which she created in response to the call for learning, teaching, and accessing sovereignty in birthing and grieving. Yvonne draws inspiration from her kupuna (ancestors) and the community that holds and supports her.


"Based out of Pawa‘a or McCully O’ahu Hanaumea was founded as an answer to the call for learning, teaching and accessing sovereignty in birthing and grieving from my kupuna (ancestors) and the community that holds me and supports me." — founder of Hanaumea, Yvonne Mahelona

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