2019, The Abstract

10.3 mil (0.26 mm) Enhanced Matte Paper, 12”x16”

From the Same Same: Hong Kong collection

About the Piece

This 35mm Photograph was taken in Hong Kong by Lala Openi張 and is accompanied with Poetry by Daniel Ikejimba, and was originally set to debut at Oakstop in Oakland, CA as a part of Samesame: Hong Kong Series: a 3-part exhibit featuring photographic & installation works exploring universal themes of resistance, tangible sensations, and cultural landscapes by Lala Openi and Daniel Ikejimba, together known as The Abstract.


Titled after the Chinese term for “energy” or “life force”, this photograph captures a sea of people taking over the streets of Kowloon, in a moment of overwhelming power in one of many protests to free Hong Kong from the oppressive control of mainland China, and police brutality, during October of 2019.

Accompanying poetry​

“The flow of energy
The blood of life
in the veins we call streets
Filling the city
the nation
the world
Breaking through the clots of oppression
mutations from cancerous injustice
The demonstration
of cleansing
the soul
Making room
For thriving
For growth
For potential”


Question from the maker:

Reflect on a time in your life when you felt the energy of being a part of a crowd. What were you all doing together? What did it feel like?

Mentioned Makers

Lala Openi 張

Lala Openi (they/them) is a mixed-media artist & designer learning self actualization through colloquial metamorphism. as a 5th-generation san franciscan, openi utilizes digital, tactile and auditory art forms to activate narratives of identity and engage in introspective conversation on the ever-shifting cultures of both self and space.

The Abstract

"The Abstract is a resource for people to obtain information and insight on mental health along with tools for their own mental health journey. Being able to understand, heal, and act in a healthy way with community is something that can fix many things, if not everything." — co-founder Daniel Ikejimba Jr., also known as Medulla Ohm Blongata, also known as MOMB.

Daniel Ikejimba

A first-generation Nigerian-American from Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Texas and a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Hawaii Pacific University. They blend Choice Theory, Positive Psychology, and CBT for a holistic approach to healing and have researched learning and memory development in children, across-cultures and on the impact of hate on social relationships.

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