This requires a new frame of thinking — Amir Aziz

2018, The House of Malico

10.3 mil (0.26 mm) Enhanced Matte Paper, 12×16”

From the The Spectrum Summit collection

About the Piece

This quote by Amir Aziz is pulled from a discussion at The Spectrum Summit: a recorded discussion series exploring contemporary issues impacting the social, cultural and mental health of Black People, organized by The House of Malico, in solidarity with the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party, and held at Eastside Arts Alliance. The poster was  designed by Lala Openi張, and was later displayed at Wine & Bowties’ Art & Music Festival Feels VI, which was featured in The Fader.

Question from the maker:

In what areas of your life can you benefit from a new frame of thinking?

Mentioned Makers

Amir Aziz

Amir Aziz is an Oakland-based Photojournalist and Documentary Filmmaker, who leads visual journalism at Oaklandside, and is a 2022 local fellow with CatchLight. His editorial work has appeared in The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and other publications. He runs a small production company called ONUS Media, creating documentaries and collaborating with local organizations.

The House of Malico

"At The House of Malico, our social practice is a pivotal medium for us to connect and build creative communities (irl). We design public programs to encourage collaborative engagement with nourishing environments filled with intimate conversation, interactive activities and joy. Whether it be a cultural conference, an independent music concert series, or a rejuvenating retreat; Our events are born from influencers and tastemakers that are exhibiting works that allow participants to embody their own creative expression."

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